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I. The theoretic basement of tectonophysics investigations

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Angelier Jacques et al. France How does stress analysis highlight the development and mechanical behaviour of complex brittle structures ? an example from Iceland
Ma Jin, Liu Liqiang,
Liu Peixun and Ma Shaopeng
China Investigation on thermal field indicators for identifying active faults and its instability from laboratory experiments
Aitmatov I.T., Kazakbaeva G.O. Kyrgyzstan About Residual Stresses in Rock Mountains
Batugin A.S. Moscow Classification of Earth crust due different level of seismic hazard
Boltishev G.Yu. Obninsk Typification  of the Earth's crust of the East-European platform on the geolgogical-geophysical data
Vikulin A.V.
PetroPavlovsk Kamch. Rotary vortex geodynamics: geological and physical aspects
Gintov O.B.,  Murovska A.V.,  Michak  S.V. Ukraine Principles of structural-paragenetic and kinematic  methods is the condition for the future progress in the field tectonophysics.
Gonchar V.V. Ukraine A criterion of  thickness of  competent layer in the  determination of  bending and fault-plastic  styles of deformation.
Goncharov M.A. Moscow Relativity of some basic ideas in tectonophysics
Dovbnich M. Ukraine The principle of the gravity energy minimisation and the stress state of tectonosphere.
Levi K.G. Irkutsk Tectonophysics after M.V.Gzovsky and modern neotectonics
Leonov M.G. Moscow Lateral tectonic flows into Earth lithosphere: fact of existence, structure, conception of explonation
Milanovsky S.Yu., Nikolaevsky F.L. Moscow Faulting of rock massif and Earth crust evolution
Mileev V.S Moscow Boudinaging, melanging, foliating links of one chain?
Osokina D.N., Yakovlev F.L. Moscow  
Osokina D.N. Moscow  
Ponomarev V.S. Moscow Residual stresses into geological media
Rastsvetaev, L.M Moscow Sodvig (converging sides fault) is an object of tectonophysics and regional geology
Rebetsky Yuri Leonidovich Moscow Achievement and out look problems of tectonophysics researches
Sibiraykov B.P. et al. Novosibirsk Intermediate states between fast and slow motion into structuring media
Sim L.A. Moscow Some methodical aspects of tectonic stress reconstruction based on geological indicators.
Strom A.L., Groshev M.E. Moscow Collapse-like dislocations at the near-watershed parts of mountain ridges and possible mechanisms of their formation.
Tveritinova T.Y., Kurdin N.N. Moscow Disjunctives as fractal dynamic systems
Trubitsyn V.P. Moscow Stresses on lithosphere bottom induced by mantle convection
Fedotova Yu.V. Apatity Tectonophysical analysis of geological areas with high elastic energy level
Frolova N.S., Moscow Origin of ruptures of different rank oriented normal to the maximum compression axis.
Shevchenko V.I., Dobrovolsky I.P., Lukk A.A. Moscow Seismotectonic deformation of uniaxial elongation in the lithosphere  and his geodynamic interpretation
Sherman S.I. Irkutsk Tectonophysics and contiguous sciences: seismology
Yakovlev F.L. Moscow Methods of detection of formation mechanisms and of determination of final strain value for the different ranks folded structures: the examples of geotectonic problem solutions.

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